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My Success Story on JewishGen

SAFRICA Digest for Saturday, July 29, 2017.

1. JewishGen's Success! Stories


Subject: JewishGen's Success! Stories
From: Phyllis Kramer
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2017 19:51:06 -0400

We are proud to announce that our editor and webmaster are presenting
three outstanding stories in JewishGen's newly designed Success!
Stories webpage. You can access these accounts from the "About Us"
button on JewishGen's website or by following this link:

**Jerry Touger solves three questions about his family history as the
result of one posting to JewishGen's Belarus SIG.

**Eli Rabinowitz provides a sequel to his story about the tragic death
of his great-uncle by tracking down the details of the driver involved
in the fatal accident.

**Elizabeth Rynecki tells us of the search for the paintings of her
great-grandfather, who perished in the Holocaust.

JewishGen volunteers (Editor – Nancy Siegel and Webmaster – Colin
Mathias Justin) collect and post these stories. A special thank you
goes to Colin for the redesigned Success! Stories website. We hope you
will be inspired by these stories and we encourage you to submit your
own success stories to us at success@lyris.jewishgen.org .

Isn't JewishGen wonderful !!
Phyllis Kramer, NYC & PBG, Florida
VP, Education & Special Projects, JewishGen, Inc.

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