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2 thoughts on “Woodstock Cheder 1956

  1. Dear Eli, I don’t know if you grew up in Capetown or Joburg. but throwing out some wil guesses that the girl sittingg on the floor front row on the extreme left is our cousin Debby rabinowitx (or maybe Gita) or maybe the girl next to her in the center fron’t row sitting on the floor is Gita? The first row sitting on chairs at the extreme right with a dark jacket is perhaps your brother Michael? just guessing..he latest news (I was going to wait a day to write you as they will probably give the name in the next few days then I could already tell you (but since you wrote now, I’m leting you know without the name… that Ashuva , my youngest daughter ┬ábefore the youngest two boys gave birth to a little baby girl on Friday night (lail Shabbat). Will keep you posted as to the name. Ashuva Shulamit married to Asaf Yehoshua Dratler had a girl born 6 December 2014 Jerusalem.Mazal tov and Shavoua tov, Hadara

  2. Hi Eli

    Mike Getz spent many years in Woodstock – will find his email later and send it to him

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