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Brighton Beach to Trigg Winter Beach Walk

West Coast Highway


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West Coast Highway
Western Australia
West Coast Highway, Scarborough.JPG
View northbound approaching Scarborough
West Coast Highway is an arterial coastal highway located in the western and inner northern suburbs of PerthWestern Australia. It is part of State Route 71, and also Tourist Drive 204 in various coastal parts.[1]

The highway commences from the end of Curtin Avenue at Swanbourne and heads north, via the SAS Campbell Barracks and rifle range, to City BeachScarborough and Trigg, terminating at the Karrinyup Road intersection, where it becomes Marmion Avenue. It links the northern coastal suburbs of Perth with the city of Fremantle. The speed limit for the majority of the highway is 70 km/h with two small 60 and 80 km/h sections at the Scarborough end. The highway is a dual carriageway for most of its length.

Approximate road distances (in kilometres) of coastal suburbs from Swanbourne onwards.


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The Scenery


Young Surfers

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