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Tukums, Latvia


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Lutheran church in Tukums
Lutheran church in Tukums
Flag of Tukums
Coat of arms of Tukums
Coat of arms

Tukums (About this sound pronunciation GermanTuckumLivonianTukāmō) is a town in Latvia. Three regions of Latvia meet in the vicinity of Tukums – VidzemeZemgale and Courland.

The Synagogue and surrounds

The Town Square and other buildings

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The Jewish Cemetery

A  memorial

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3 thoughts on “Tukums, Latvia

  1. Dear Eli

    Herschel GELBART here

    Let me know how the shows in auzzie went off and any pictures etc would love to check out besides those on your website

    I notice with interest you are now touring Latvia where are all from in the gelbart. Getz. And. Rosenthal families

    Out stetl is called subate. Or shubbits as we called it

    We visited there all living 18 cousins in 1990 in summer and have made a DVD of it for yad vashem and Washington but have never been able to find it when there

    Maybe you will pass it by near dvinsk. Or. Daugapiks. As now calked

    Anyhow. Anything new you can locate for we would appreciate


    Herschel. Gelbart Boca raton. USA. Florida 561-8627949

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hershel
      I arrived back in Perth last night and 5 minutes after seeing your message this morning in shul, I was talking to Julian Todres, who was leading the service as his dad Hymie, passed away 2 weeks ago. Julian and I were talking about my trip and he mentioned that his late mother Ada, had gone to their shtetl – Shubbits in 1990 with family. He stopped me dead in my tracks as I had just seen your message above. We could not believe the coincidence and timing. I showed him your message! What a small world. Not sure if you knew Hymie had passed away. I will be in touch with a Muizenberg update for you later!

  2. you have consistently amazed me with all your Travels …Thank you for sharing your trips with this Jewish guy who lives in Holland

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