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The Two Oceans Marathon

In honour of my not so illustrious running career which reached its peak 34 years ago in April 1980, when it took me 5 hours 49 mins to finish this ultra marathon.

Eli Two Oceans Chapmanss
Chapman’s Peak

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Finish of the Two Oceans Marathon at the University of Cape Town

The Two Oceans Marathon is a 56 km / 35 mile ultramarathon and 21km half-marathon held annually in Cape Town, South Africa on the Saturday of the Easter weekend. Self-proclaimed as “the world’s most beautiful marathon”,[1] the race is run against a backdrop of spectacular scenery through the Cape Peninsula.

The race starts in Newlands, and follows a more or less circular route through MuizenbergFish Hoek, over Chapman’s Peak andConstantia Nek, and eventually finishes at the University of Cape Town campus.

Since its inaugural edition in 1970, the event has grown into a mid-size competition, with nearly 8,000 runners entering the 2007 ultra-marathon event. The half marathon (21 km) (13.1 mi) is also held on the same day as the ultramarathon. In 2007 the half marathon attracted nearly 11,000 entries, making it the biggest half marathon in South Africa. Approximately 6,000 runners also took part in various fun runs the day before the race. In 2012 these numbers grew to over 9200 for the ultra-marathon and over 16000 for the half marathon (where more than half the field were woman).

Eli Two Oceans Finishs
The finish line

2 oceans badge 2s

Two Oceans

2 oceans badge 1s

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runners 94
My brief carrier ended with these characters in Perth, Australia

2 thoughts on “The Two Oceans Marathon

  1. It has not come to an end …. I can vouch for that! You are now simply ‘ shocheling’ ….. It’s what happens as one ages Xx

    Neville Friedman


  2. Hi Eli,

    I am very impressed. Had no idea at all….and the Ultra Marathon to boot….WOW !!!!!

    Sooooo, are you going to run after the runners in Australia selling them DBelt PRO?



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