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New Muizenberg Videos From Perth

Here are two more videos from the opening of the Memories of Muizenberg Exhibition on here in Perth.

Asher Shapiro reminisces – click on image
MoM Perth 3

Judd Millner – click on image
MoM Perth 7

Asher’s Rav Frank pidgeon story, already posted – click on image
MoM Perth 5

One thought on “New Muizenberg Videos From Perth

  1. Loved Asher’s reminiscences. Ask him if he remembers this story. The year was 1955

    He, Steve Morris (the late) and myself decided to visit a luscious blonde(not Jewish with a reputation) in the Gardens area. What we didn’t know was that her boyfriend was the biggest gangster in Cape Town, a name you tzeetered when it was mentioned
    So there we were having a good chat when low and behold “he ” with two friends rocked up. Steve, who later died tragically, wasn’t taking any crap got cocky and the next thing, he was being beaten up and Asher and I shlepped him out very quickly before they would have knifed him
    Send him my best regards

    Remember Evelyn Goott as well. I know she was visiting. Took her out a couple of times but Elsies River was too far from Muizenberg if you were taking her to a show in Cape Town.


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