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Muizenberg Shul, Cemetery and Pharmacy


I visited Muizenberg a couple of times in the week before Christmas.

Here are some photos taken at the Muizenberg Shul. There  was a healthy minyan for shacharit!

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I then visited Gerald Musikanth, another Jewish icon of Muizenberg.


I spent time with Gerald at his Rustenburg Pharmacy, where he has an amazing collection of photos and Muizenberg memorabilia:

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An intro from Gerald:

See the video:

Some locals outside the pharmacy:


I then visited the Jewish cemetery. Here are some of my photos:

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Rav Frank’s matseva




Visit Rav Frank’s page on Muizenberg Kehilalink:


The Memories of Muizenberg Exhibition will be in Sydney soon – Save The Date

Opening 5pm Sunday 9 Feb 2014

Muizenberg Sydney

2 thoughts on “Muizenberg Shul, Cemetery and Pharmacy

  1. Hello Elirab: as a dedicated followers of yours I saw that you once travelled to Mir Belarus…My mothers family all of their generations come from Mir and even have Mirsky as their last name which changed within a a generation to Zuchovisky…I was wondering is there are still Jewish records of the families of Mir before 1900?..Have you any ideas how I could access them IF they exist…Sincerely George Weiss now living in the Netherlands

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