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Istanbul – 23 May 13


I flew from Ben Gurion to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport which is on the Asian side. Pegasus is a Turkish budget airline. Cute safety instructions. Excellent prices.

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The driver took me to the Kanyon shopping centre where I met my Turkish cousin, Mehmet Imre.

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Mehmet put me on the Metro to Taksim Square. I walked down to Galata and back to the Kanyon. Here is what I saw, including the Neve Shalom Synagogue, which I attended on my 2011 visit and the nearby Ashkenazi Synagogue.

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Kemer Country

We went back to Kemer Country, a beautiful golf estate where Mehmet, his wife Billur and daughter Yasemin live.

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One thought on “Istanbul – 23 May 13

  1. Thank you, Eli, for sharing this whole trip with us. Your photos are excellent and make us feel as though we’ve been to these places ourselves. In some cases we have, but you’ve brought back memorable moments we can enjoy once again. Now……have a good rest.

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