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Jerusalem 3 – 21 May 13

The Mount of Olives

Mount of Olives



With guide Daniel Shani, who is excellent and highly recommended. With me are my cousins Rachelle and Murad Taqqu from Boston.

These were some of the graves Daniel researched and showed us:

Abraham Shlomo Zalman & Heshe Tzoref
Yitzchak Tzoref-Salomon & Adel Golda Kahana-Shapira
Mordechai & Hanna Tzoref-Salomon (brother and sister-in-law of Yitzchak)
Michel Avraham & Dvorah Chaia Alta Herison.
Yoel Moshe Solomon
Yitzchak Yaakov Herison
Rachel & Sheina Fruma (daughters of Yitzchak Yaakov)
Ozer Herison (Michel Avraham’s nephew)
Yitzchak & Lilly Rabinowitz
Yehoshua Gershon & Bella Herison
Hadass Herison
Yehoshua Meir Reichman & brother
Natan Reichman
Avrom Yaakov Rabinowitz
Aharon Mordechai Aggasi-Birenbaum (Hadassah Rosenberg-Agassi’s brother)

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Daniel points out the grave of Avraham Yaakov Rabinowitz, my great grandfather. Interestingly, the surname is Rabinowitz, not Skarishevski, his original name


The memorial for my 3rd great grandfather Avraham Shlomo Zalman Tzoref

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More Jerusalem images

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Our visit to my cousins Hadara & Rabbi Shaul David Boczko in Yochar Yaakov. Shaul David started and runs the impressive yeshiva in the town.

Yochav Yaakov

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Late bus to Tel Aviv

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