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My 3rd Roots Trip to Europe

Hi All
I leave in a month today on my 3rd European Roots trip. This time I am visiting the following cities and towns:
Freiburg and Dresden in Germany
Wroclaw, Lodz, Warsaw, Lublin and Kazimierz Dolny in Poland
Tallin, Estonia
Riga, Latvia
Vilnius, Lithuania
Istanbul, Turkey
London, England
As usual, my blog will allow you to travel with me on my journey, mainly through images with some text. My focus is on my Jewish heritage, but not exclusively.
You are welcome to email me with some of your favourites in these places.
Best regards

4 thoughts on “My 3rd Roots Trip to Europe

  1. My own roots through my mother’s family are in Kaunas, Lithuiania. They left in 1899. I have never been there so you shall be my eyes and ears. Thank you for sharing your journey, looking forward to seeing what you see.

  2. How excited! I really want to go to Latvia and Estonia where my family came from. I cant wait to hear what you see there.

  3. Thanks look forward to following you on your trip. Last year I went to Vilnius and then to Plunge which was the birthplace of my father in law and visited Jaacov Bunka and visited the site of the massacre in Plunge /

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