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Hi All


This is about my new project: elirab.digital storytelling


Consider the following:


Life is a series of unforgettable moments

Every family has at least one storyteller – mum, dad, uncle, aunt or grandparents

Preserve the priceless stories and memories – don’t let them fade away

Your everlasting gift to future generations


Digital stories are multimedia spaces that combine photos, video, audio, interviews, mementoes, blogs, social media, music, family trees and the stories that accompany them.

Digital storytelling extends the ancient art of telliing a story. It intertwines new and exciting digitised technologies so that we can apply storytelling from unique perspectives.

Please visit  www.elirab.com to see how elirab.digital storytelling works.

I hope you enjoy the numerous links. 

Please let me have your feedback.

Best regards


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