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St Petersburg 1 – 23 May 2012

After checking in, I go searching for the Mariinsky Theatre and the Choral Synagogue.

Make sure you have a good map of this city, as it has canals and it can be confusing. It is known as the Venice of the North.



The beautiful Choral Synagogue also has a lovely gift store and a kosher store and is run by Chabad. Anatoly showed me around. Polina is the friendly receptionist from Siberia. Also check out the bridal room.




The Colonnade – the top of St Isaac’s Cathedral. Excellent views of the city.

Watch out – lots of stairs!!




The Mariinsky Concert Hall –  the Carmen Suite and Giselle Ballets by the Kirov.

The concert is not in the Opera House. The standard is, as you can imagine, very high. Book on the official Mariinsky website and get a discounted ticket.

After the evening performance, it is strange to walk out into the bright sunlight!



The sun sets very late in St Petersburg – 11pm this week.

It is only dark at midnight. So expect to stay up late, especially if you want to see St Petersburg at night!

Arrive in two weeks time and night is barely distinguishable from day. Known as the White Nights.

These photos are taken very late at night. See the time on my iPhone.


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