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Riga 2 – 19 May 2012

An early morning walk to where my grandfather’s apartment was in Riga, then to shul.



A drive out to a beach suburb, Vecmilgravis, where I met Ilona’s family – Mila, Anna, Ernest and the pets – Richmond, Rocky, Solomon, Tom and Jerry. A lovely lunch.



The beach on the Baltic Sea. Gearing up for summer.



Riga is busy. All the museums are open for free, all day until late.



The Museum – Jews in Latvia, is also open tonight

I meet the Director, Ilya Lensky, who has just appeared on the Rashida Jones episode of Who Do You Think You Are that I just watched.



Across to the Old Town. Big crowds and queues.



The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, which includes Jewish and Holocaust exhibits.



The Town Hall



I get to my hotel at 1 am and the museums and streets are still busy.



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