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Grodno & Novogrudok – 14 May 2012

Tamara Vershitskaya, the Director of the History Museum in Novogrudok and I leave early at 7:30am for Grodno, a couple of hours by car from Novogrudok.

This is the countryside. A well known glass factory, Neman is on the way.



Arriving into Grodno



We visit the Grodno State Archives and Tatiana, the Director, gives us the $2 invoice for the copies of the records which they found in October 2011. I had previously paid for and received their report, but did not receive copies of the records. You can’t just hand over the money. You have to go to a bank and deposit the funds into their account and then return to receive the photocopies.


Tamara and I then go to the the Grodno Synagogue which is being restored by two Jewish men, Boris and Boris.
The view along the way.

The synagogue and the museum within.
Some artists visiting from Poland and me comparing hair styles.

The view from the Grodno Castle

The entrance to the Jewish ghetto

The drive back to Novogrudok

Lunch and then a visit to the local high school which has its own museum, including a Jewish section. We are shown around by an enthusiastic 16 year old student, Tony, who has a great command of English. He is very entertaining and his teachers and principal are very proud of him. The cyrillic keyboard in the principal’s office.

The views as Tamara and I walk down the hill.
Statue of the young Lenin.
Tamara and I visit her Museum of the Jewish Resistance.
Another sunset in Novogrudok

One thought on “Grodno & Novogrudok – 14 May 2012

  1. Hi, I posted an inquiry on the Jewishgen website about my intended visit to Poland and Belarus specially Sanok and Grodno and one of the answers was from Ralph Remick who suggested that I contact you as you had been to Grodno and could give some advice. Thank you in advance for your answer Barbara Katz

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