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Prague Day 4 – 7 May 2012

Monday. A quieter day. Late on Sunday, we discovered that most museums are closed on Monday.

So we will visit a couple early on Tuesday before we leave for Warsaw.


Walking past the Astrological Clock at the top of the hour necessitates a few new photos. The last part of the ceremony, on the hour, every hour from 9am to 9pm, is the trumpeter at the top of the tower playing a fanfare from each of the 4 sides. The crowd loves it!



The Rudolfinium, the home of the Czech Philharmonic, was closed, but we managed to get a look at the bulding and surrounds. Interesting little orange boxes with birds whistling tunes of famous Bohemian composers.



Across the Manesuv Bridge over the Vltava to the Kafka Museum



Back across the Charles Bridge – more photos.

Past the Mucha Museum



The Gershwin Concert at the Spanish Synagogue was very enjoyable. Players from the Czech Symphony entertained us. Another photo opportunity of the interior and displays!



Finally, more interesting evening colours of the Old Town



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