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Berlin Day 2 – 30 April 2012


Sites along my early morning walk, incuding the Haupbahnhof, The Charite Hospital, the Bundestag, the canals and memorials.



Berliner Mauer – Berlin Wall Memorial

Excellent exhition about the Berlin Wall with a great viewing tower as well. The dome of the New Synagogue in the distance.



The exhibiton at the New Synagogue. Interesting information about the Reform movement in Germany. Climbed up to the dome, but no photos allowed at the top.



The Jewish Cemetery in Grosse Hamburger Strasse. Grave of Moses Mendelssohn.



More street sites around the old Jewish area



The magnificent Haupbahnhof, the main train station and surrounding area.

A memorial to the man who was shot in a canal by East German police, while trying to swim and  escape to the West.



Dinner at a sidewalk cafe in the Friedrichstrasse area and back by U Bahn

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