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Last Day in Israel


Phillip and Rochelle said goodbye at Kefar Saba station and I took the train to Tel Aviv University



I met Elissa Rosenberg, my third cousin who discovered me on the internet a few months ago while doing a roots project with her daughter Hadass.

We visited the museum at Beit Hafutsot.

We then met her cousin Ruth Heymann (nee Rabinowitz) at Gillys at the Port for a delicious “afternoon” brunch. It was lovely meeting them.



At 5pm Ruth dropped me off to meet my cousin Bertha Berger. Bertha and I went to the Marina at Herzlia Petuach and then to cousin Hannah and Isaac for dinner. 

I met Saul Issroff, his girlfriend Sally from England and Miriam Lazarus.

Saul edits the SA SIG group on JewishGen and was the one who put cousin Feri and me in touch with each other in 2001. That led to this big adventure!



Eytan and his girlfriend Brenda took me to the airport at 1am and my flight to Istanbul was at 6am



While I was showing some photos of my Mom found in the Riga archives, this is the message that came up in iPhoto – amazing!


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