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Another Historic Meeting – this time in Asia!


Flew to Istanbul yesterday afternoon. Seated across the aisle from my cousins Mehmet and Billur.

I am staying at the Point Barbardos Hotel on European side. Excellent hotel.

They picked me up around 8pm and we drove down to the Bosphorus. With them was Yasemin, their charming daughter – my second cousin once removed!

We waited for the restaurant boat and crossed to Asia where I met Mehmet’s brother (and my 2nd cousin) Ahmet and his wife Pinar.

I had a lovely evening with them. Catching up on our pasts kept us talking all evening!

Ahmet is also an Economist, so I was able to discuss Lipsey and Steiner and Samuelson, which was fun.

I enjoyed talking to someone who understood the term “ceteris paribus” as opposed to my numerous accountant friends who love to fox me with their debits and credits!

Interesting and delicious food.

Here are some photos. Some taken on the restaurant boat are blurred.

The last photo from left to right is:

Eli, Pinar, Ahmet, Billur, Mehmet and Yasemin




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