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Historic Zeldin Meeting in Budapest



Last night my cousin Feri hosted a dinner at the Futemute Restaurant  in Budapest in honour of his son Aaron’s birthday. Futemute is a Jewish themed restaurant.

At the same time, 2nd cousins Feri (Budapest) , Mehmet (Istanbul) and Eli (Perth), great grandsons of Leib and Fora Feige Zeldin of Dvinsk, Latvia met. A historic occasion!

Other out of towners who attended were Billur, Mehmet’s wife from Istanbul, Neil from the UK, Ronen and Shachar, my nephew and his daughter from Israel, and Fanni and David, Feri’s daughter and son in law from New York.

In the last photo, standing from left to right:

Gabriel the young Rabbi and his fiancee (Peter’s sister)

Suri (Sarah) Feri’s daughter and her husband Peter


Fanni and David, Feri’s older daughter

Aaron, Feri’s son

Billur, Mehmet’s wife

Lili, Aaron’s girlfriend


Shachar and Ronen, my nephew

Neil and Eli



Neil, Ronen, Shachar and I had a busy day yesterday walking on the Buda side of the Danube. More on that later.

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