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On the bus to Vilnius



I will be sending more info on Riga and Daugavpils tonight when i get to Vilnius.

I am in the louge of the Lux Express Bus from Riga to Vilnius.

It is a 4 hour 30 min luxury ride, with tables, coffee, TV, power and WiFi. Yay!!

The Latvian girl opposite me also has a Mac, so this is an Apple friendly bus!

Here are some images.



Compare this to how our ancestors had to travel.

Talking about travel, I was very excited to receive an email from Cecil Jowell about an hour ago. It contains Phyllis’ diary and photos from their trip to Riga in April 1960, which he has just found.

I will forward to you privately once I get his OK (not on Facebook)

Look closely at the second of my photos.

I am very privileged to have been able to make this journey to Latvia and excited to that this information from so many years ago has been found and has reached me on a bus between Latvia and Lithuania.



nearing Vilnius, the Jerusalem of Lithuania

Happy Independence Day!

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